Wedding in America

Wedding in America
Invited: 100
Present at the church: 80
Present at the reception: 70
Gifts: 65
Missing objects: 0

Wedding in England:
Invited: 50
Present at the church: 50
Present at the reception: 48
Gifts: 48
Objects missing : 0

Marriage in Nigeria
Invited: 500
Present at the church: 38
Present at the reception: 1078
Gifts: 18
Envelopes: 70
Delivered dishes: 1092
Missing items: 20 phones, 300 spoons,10 cake
knives, one photographer's camera missing,
the kidnapping of two of the guests, girlfriend gone
with another guest, boyfriend looking for his
girlfriend, girlfriend looking for her boyfriend,
remaining gifts missing, fighting outside, 50
chairs broke, 5 tables broken, 3 decoration
curtains missing.

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