Boyfriend free mode girlfriend free mode.

1. Nigerian goat will be staring at you as if you
look familiar,
You will even start suspecting yourself.

2. Boyfriend free mode girlfriend free mode.
Are we going to eat at you guys' wedding at all?

3. Have you ever faked a story so good that you
forget you're lying? If yes oya straight to hell.

4. I nearly fainted today when one guy in these
the group told me I am one of his friends on Xander.

5. Respect is when you're father fart and your
answer..... Sir are you calling me.

6. My girlfriend left a note on my refrigerator
which says " this isn't working, goodbye " I
opened the refrigerator and it was working.
Women know nothing about electronics.

7. Nothing sweet passes like when your ex is
dating someone who is ugly, the thing goes make
you happy.

8. All this goat in my area they will be looking at
you as if they are expecting you to greet them.

9. If you're slim, you can gain weight.
If you're fat, you can lose weight. But if you're
short my sister there is no hope.

10. No matter how bad you are, you are not
useless you can still be used as a bad example.

11. Politician and their political promises imagine
one of them is promising us a long life if we vote

12. My Oyibo friend asked me
"what is ASUU..?"
I told him it is a festival in my country celebrated
by lectures.

13. The two largest families on Facebook are
"Mhiz" and"Itz" Everyone else is is a friend to one
of them.

14. We have two parties political in Nigeria the
rest are House Fellowship.

15. I told my doctor that I broke my arm in two
He told me to stop going to those places.

16. Boko Haram enough of your nonsense am
coming to that Sambisa forest with my group
members to fight you
Let's go guy's.

17. If you and your bea are ugly that is not 
a relationship that is witchcraft.

18. Valentine strictly for Slim people, fat people
should wait for New yam Festival.

19. I wrote an application letter but instead of
written "Dear Madam"
I wrote Dear "Madman"
Pls will they still employ me

20. If you borrow cloth to snap pictures to post
on social media
I wonder How you will feel when the real clothe
owner will comment; "this my clothes fit you oooo.

21. If your Girlfriend visit you and doesn't take a
selfie, my brother your room needs redecoration.
I know the ladies are in support.

22. If you want to know if your Girlfriend is
cheating on you.....?
It's simple....
Just call her friends ASHAWO and your girlfriend
History will download in two minutes.

23. I went to one girl and said to her;
Pretty lady was wrong I can see fatigue all over
your face.
I fainted when she replied to me and said no I
robbed it.

24. When they want to give drugs:-
-American mum: Open your mouth.
- Nigerian mum: Do Ahhh..

24. All these Nigerian movies self ehn. What is
NEPA pole doing in devil forest?

25. That very moment Genevieve Gabriel said. "I
was when I gave up on YORUBA people

26. "Ur woman may keep cheating on you but
you're still special in her heart" if you still believe
this nonsense. You are a goat.

27. Igbo guys advertising casket go be like. Oga
buys these ones. fiammmm 3secs ur mama don
reach heaven

28. Welcome to Nigeria where your
waywardness is determined by your hairstyle
Only boys on lowcut are responsible.

29. Those of u that never missed assembly in
secondary school
Hope you're now working at the National

30. U are not in trouble until on 5 years old boy
said u the one dat always jump through there
fence every time

31. Instead of learning how to cook, every girl is
learning how to apply makeup. Don't worry sister,
your mother-in-law is waiting for you.

32. It is only in Nollywood movies witches will
appear somewhere and d first thing they do is to
laugh, Please what's funny?

33. If You didn't go to at least 3 different
classroom to look for a duster, just forget it, You
never went to a Nigerian School

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