unique joke's* Oya laff special joke

unique joke's*
Oya laff
special joke

1. Kissing in the rain is so romantic until thunder
fire both of you'

2. Those days ehnnn ... if you kiss a girl,she'll be
shy and be like "Broda Bode and I won't get
pregnant? But today try kissing a girl......... just
one kiss her hand is already In your trouser
searching for Uncle segun's Rod .

3. At least, if I can't read and write I will be able
to steal and lie. New law

4. If the World cup will be hosted in Nigeria pls keep
your own touch light very well oo let it be on
your forehead wait for sef how I go charge
my touch light

5. Some wicked girls will be like"baby can you die
4 me" After Juses don die for all of us bah
Ungrateful being

6. Walahi!! You cannot even use fainting to play
with Muslims before you know it, My Broda they
don rap you and they start to pray. if you know
you know

7. Procedure (18+)
If it's not entering it Apply saliva, it will
enter smoothly.
....... .........that's how tailors put a thread in a
needle, don't think nonsense here am holy
(18-)come and read jare .

8. Nothing confuses a girl like a rich guy asking
her if she has a boyfriend. the girl will be like
"Actually sometimes I have, somethings I don't
and sometimes I will have like I don't have.
well done my sister

9. What am I saying self please I don't know if
sugar cane is a fruit, vegetable, Grass or soft

10. My neighbor's husband traveled to Los
Angeles for business.yesterday she was cleaning
the bedroom and found his passport, sister don't
Border yourself he took bike .

11. Dear death, don't 4get "ladies first"
12. My best friend loves bet9ja then as a friend I
told him to stop wasting money but he blasted
me, I won't talk is it until he starts buying
bleaching cream 4 a Kenya girl.

13. Ok!
dangote 7 letter words
otedola 7 letter words
Adenuga 7 letters
but, don't 4get POVERTY is also 7letter bro
14. Today was my first day entering a court.
The judge shouts "Order! Order!"
I was so excited, so I shouted: "Fried rice
and chicken with 4 bottles of beer and a
a chilled glass of ice mineral water.
Am now locked up in a dark room, am
they will bring my order soon.

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