Help! Help! Snake ooo!

I was in my room last night when my neighbour
started screaming... "Help! Help! Snake ooo! " I
ran to her room with a strong wood in my hand.
When I dashed nto her room, I saw a very big
snake facing my lovely neighbour inside her
sitting room and other neighbours joined me. We
all started shouting, "Today is the end of your
life, you witch snake!". I wanted to be a hero that
night so, I first of all ran to the snake to hit it
with my wood. It turned and faced us with a red
eye. Then, i said if count 1 to 3, we should hit
the snake at once which we all agreed. I started
counting, 1...2....3 go! Then, Peeeeeeeem! NEPA
took d light, . We all started screaming in the
dark because
the door was closed so, no way to
run outside and the snake was inside the room.
We nearly killed ourselves. If someone touches
me, I will hammer the stick on him thinking that
it was the snake. If I touched someone too, I will
receive a strong beating. As am talking to you
now... We all are in the hospital because we
injured ourselves with the wood instead of the
snake. I have stopped helping people.
you cannot come and kill me

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