Snail Walk
A snail slid inside a bar. The barman didn’t permit snails to come inside and proceeded to kick him out. A year passed and the exact same snail came back into the bar. He slid up to the barman and said, “Why did you do that?”

Definition Of An Idiot
A son walks up to his father and asks him to define what an idiot is. His father replies, “An idiot is somebody who is trying to explain thoughts to somebody in a way that is long and dull and does not make any sense to anyone. Do you understand?” His son looks back in confusion and says, “No!”

One Day To Live
A man receives a phone call from his physician who tells him that he has great and horrible news to give to him.
“What is the great news,” asks the man.
“You have 24 hours to live!”
“Oh no! Then what is the horrible news?”
“I forgot to call and tell you yesterday.”

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When you are new to a town with family and friends, the one good way to spend the night away is to visit a comedy club and hear a comedian narrate jokes. There are a number of comedy clubs and it is always advisable to find out the rates of the shows before booking. This is because the rates of the shows vary with the popularity and demand of the comedian appearing at that time. Improved theaters and improved performances present enhanced comedy shows loaded with tonnes of good jokes and laughter techniques.

If you find overstressed or under pressure at any point of time in daily life, you can turn on to the internet. Internet is a rich source of a number of sites that offer mind-blowing number of jokes. In searching for jokes, you can browse through various categories and get access to a wide database of jokes. There are a number of sites that allow the members to submit their jokes. They also pass on good advices on how to make jokes. There are exclusive sites for children with neat and decent jokes suiting their age.

If you want to be a successful writer of jokes, you must first listen to good jokes and analyze their nature. Pay a special attention to jokes that you like because ultimately these types of jokes will come handy to you. Like every other field, you will be able to excel in comedies only by untiring practice. Your family and friends will always provide a good and reliable launching pad for you to try your jokes before taking it to the public. Closely observe the day-to-day happenings around you and be sensitive to pick up the humour inherent in them. This will make you write lots of successful new jokes with great ease.
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