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NepaliPrank - Mero Ho Prank (Gone Wrong)

Live video of Earthquake In Nepal 2015

Epic Earthquake In Nepal (Full HD) - NepaliPranksters TV

NepaliPrank - Mobile professional thief prank

NepaliPrank - Awkwardly greeting in public

NepaliPranksters- Gold Digger Prank Returns (Deserves the money)

Awkward and long Handshake

Funny Hat Prank

Rape Case - People's Reaction

NepaliPrank - Swine Flu Infected man got Psycho Prank

NepaliPrank - Hit and Run Prank

Holi Special Prank

Hisab Barabar Prank (Epic Reaction)

NepaliPrank - Wechat Shake Prank

NepaliPrank - Dare Challange

NepaliPrank - Complementing people + fun

NepaliPrank - Blocking people way

Hitting On Girls - New Nepali Pickup Lines

Sambhidhan aayo prank (peoples reaction)

Epic chloroform prank - Social Experiment

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