Some men always complain that girls are after
their money, my brother do u want her to be
after ur life?
[2] If you have attended over 100
weddings and you are still
single. Sister, you are no longer
different from a canopy...
[3] Facebook and Whatsapp have
been rated as the 2nd and 3rd
app for chats and gossip, but
Women Still retain the 1st
[4] I overheard one girl talking to her boyfriend,
initially, I thought she was talking to God because
the things she was demanding only God can
provide them.
[5] Don't say girls love money when you are the
one who hustles 6 to 6 looking for it while they
just stay home watching Zee world.
Fear girls
[6] Having cockroaches in your house is a sign
that you have food, cockroaches are like slay
queens they hate poverty
[7] If your mum has never
told you this "You think you are doing me?
"You are doing
yourself oo"
Just know u are adopted.
[8] I was shocked at the
ATM 2day. After
money, the ATM asked
'Anything for your boy'?
I fainted.
[9] The Day I Will Enter Plane, If We Get To
The Sky, I Will Escape Through The Back
Door And Enter Heaven.
Clap Jare sense wee finish me
[10] Am sitting next to my crush in a bus right
now, someone should please call me I want to
speak English.
[11] Since My Neighbour Saw Me Pressing My
Laptop Every Night, She Stopped spreading Her
Pants Outside...
Me that I'm doing GRAPHICS WORK jejely
[12] If you fart and sneeze at the same time it
called screenshot.
[13] Stolen meat always has a special taste
It's always sweeter than the one offered if u
know u know.
[14] Slay queen
So you deleted your bible app
just to download Snapchat abi??
Hope you also downloaded Filter that will
reduce heat temperature in hell fire??
[15] Na money be fine bobo
Obasanjo,Oshiomole, Mr IBU,Ngolo Kante get
The fine??
[16] Small kiss you will close your eyes
But you will be shinning your eyes like catfish
during prayer in church.
Hanty Weldon oh.
[17] Our elders said "Nothing has disadvantages
that does not have advantages biko what is the
advantage of poverty?
[18] Snoring is a gift not everybody can sing
while sleeping
[19] Your relationship status is like:
2012 single
2013 single
2014 single
2015 single
2016 single
2017 single
2018 single
2019 Single
Ah, my friend, you are now an Album.
[20] Girls who have small boobs & still wear a bra
need to be arrested. How can you be
caging what is managing to grow?
Ayemi temi
[21] Some thieves broke into my room last night
and started searching for things... I asked them
what they were searching, and they said them
were looking for money. I woke up and helped
them search
[22] U are slim, your girlfriend is slim too
Do u know that when u are holding hands while
walking together, u guys look like a capital letter
H ?
[23] Girl: No Sex! I am mourning my late dad..
Lucky E Alex : That's why am wearing a black
condom...Please receive my condolences...
[24] That moment the pastor says "ALL D
VIRGINS COME FORWARD " and ur mum looked
at you and say
"Oya Esther go" GHEN GHEN,
[25] If only my mother knew how famous i am on
Facebook, she wouldn't be sending me to the
market to buy kpomo and stockfish
[26] I'm 17 years and I haven't seen my periods..
But my Lil sis is 15 but she has seen hers since
two years ago
I don't know whether they come late in boys.
[27] When I was in school, I used to ask a lot of
One day, I asked Ms. Doris our English teacher.
Why do we ignore some letters in Pronunciation.
.eg the letter 'H' in Honor, Hour, Honest, etc?
Ms. Doris: We are not ignoring them, they are
considered silent" (I was even confused)
During a lunch break, Ms. Doris gave me her
packed lunch to go and Heat in the Cafeteria.
I ate all the food and returned her an empty
Ms. Doris: What happened? I told you to go and heat
my food and you are returning me an empty
Me: Hanty...I thought 'H' was silent na

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